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Create rich, dark compost and see your garden thrive! Get started by learning this quick and simple approach to composting.

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In this free live class, you'll discover how easy it is to make compost. Through video lessons, live Q&As, and email action prompts, you'll be ready to rot!

If you want to grow a beautiful, bountiful garden, THIS is the perfect place to start.
After all, healthy soil is the foundation of a happy garden.


The Ins & Outs of Compost


A No-Fuss Compost Bin


Gardeners' Gold

( + 3 Ways to Speed Up Process)

This training is perfect for

first-time gardeners,

gardeners who want to stop buying compost,

parents who want to set a green example for their kids,

cooks who want to stop throwing away kitchen scraps,

moms who want a solution for "toddler leftovers,"

people who are tired of hauling leaves to the curb every fall,

and anyone who wants to start composting today!

"Quick Start to Composting" includes 3 recorded video lessons, 4 live video Q&As, and 5 daily action steps.

During the week of class, you'll learn...

  • Why compost is vital for your garden
  • How to create an easy (and inexpensive!) compost bin that you can use right away
  • The key to finding the perfect place for your bin
  • The materials you should NEVER add to your compost (and a few surprising things you SHOULD add!)
  • 3 easy ways to speed up the composting process

Worried you won't have time to do the class this week?

No problem! You'll have complimentary access to the class materials for two full weeks. (At the end of the live session, you'll also get a special deal on lifetime access to the class and other composting resources.)

You also get three free PDF downloads to help you start composting.

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