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Gardening with Kids Workshop

In this online class, discover how to grow more carrots, creativity, and connections in your family's garden. Get everyone involved safely and without too many trampled plants!

Bonuses: Sunny Summer Garden Plan and Kids' Gardening Library


Summer Workshop Bundle

Get all 8 workshops and all 8 bonuses, plus our Featured Seed Collection. You'll also get one-on-one support for your gardening this summer.

Topics include Gardening with Kids, Tomatoes, Pollinators, Pest-Control, and much more!

Sunny Summer Garden Plan

This colorful 24-page digital download is a great blueprint for starting your first garden.

The design and tutorial includes instructions and detailed plant suggestions with lots of kid favorites to fill the 4' x 6' raised bed and bean tipi.


Tomatoes Made Easy Workshop

How to Grow Delicious Tomatoes Without Too Much Fuss!

Available for pre-orders now!

If you’ve ever felt like tomatoes were too much work, join this class. I'll show you how to grow tomatoes using a simple system that turns a potentially fussy plant into one everyone will enjoy harvesting for weeks and weeks.

Pollinator Paradise Workshop

How to Create a Garden Bustling with Butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbirds

LIVE - Friday, June 9 at 9pm Eastern

Join Amy to learn how to make your garden a paradise for pollinators. Your family will delight in watching butterfly metamorphosis, listening to a bumblebee’s buzz, and smelling the flowers adored by hummingbirds.

After the live event, this class will be available on-demand here in our shop.

The Happy Garden Guide to Composting

Create rich, dark compost and make your garden happy! This digital book gets you started with composting quickly and easily.

Get the Quick Start to Composting video classes, printables, and one-on-one support as part of your bonus package!

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Our digital products come with a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. We are confident our books and workshops can help your family garden together. In fact, if you aren't satisfied, you can simply send us an email requesting a refund. We'll make arrangements immediately.

Our workshop bundles are guaranteed as well. In this case, we do ask that you return the bonus seed collection. Once we receive it, you'll be eligible for a full-refund.